Welcome to The Reuter Foundation website. The information herein will tell you the History of the foundation, when it was founded and why. It will also tell you about our Focus. This simply means where our interest lies. Almost all our Grants are made for Social Services to help the poor, needy, homeless and disadvantaged in the Cleveland OH area.

There is also a section on How to Apply for a Grant from us. We have certain guidelines which we ask you to follow. They’re simple and not very complicated. However, we ask that you carefully follow them. Note that we want to receive all correspondence from you via e-mail.

If you’re interested in where our grants have been placed, see the section titled Grant Awards.

The last section of this web site tells you how to Contact Us. You’ll note from numerous statements throughout this document, we prefer that you correspond with us via e-mail. We ask this because our web site is constructed to automatically forward your Proposals and Reports to our Trustees for their review. This saves us the trouble of having to scan hard copies of reports before electronically forwarding. It also saves paper and time by eliminating hard copies, envelopes and postage.

If you have questions after reading our information, please feel free to phone us at 440-239-1230 or e-mail us at info  @ ReuterFdn. org.