How to Apply

We are a relatively small foundation granting less than $400,000 per year.  We often enjoy meeting at our prospective grantee sites and sometimes participating with them in certain projects.  For this reason we confine our grants to social service organizations in the Cleveland OH area where our Trustees live. We also have a sister Foundation in Plano Texas. See the Reuter Family Foundation at

All correspondence including inquiries, proposals and reports should be sent to us as a Microsoft Word/Excel document or a PDF file only via e-mail.  Proposals should consist of two parts. The Cover Letter and the Proposal itself. The Cover Letter should be a brief overview of the request. The Cover Letter is important in that it may be the only portion of the proposal that is read. The proposal itself should contain all the information needed by the Trustees to determine if they would like to visit you and possibly fund the project.

It is our policy to not grant more than two years in a row to any agency.  If we should grant an agency two consecutive years, then we ask that they wait three years before applying again.  Also, we will fund no more than two grants in any five year period.

If an agency does not fulfill our request for timely reporting, we will not fund again for a minimum of four years.