About Us

The Reuter Foundation is a family foundation originally founded in 1988 as a provider of human services and to assist other organizations that provide human services to those individuals who need them. The Reuter Foundation is dedicated to helping local organizations create meaningful and lasting change to help lift individuals out of poverty, reduce effects of intergenerational poverty, help previously incarcerated individuals re-enter the workforce, and more. For more information on our focus areas for grant awards, please visit the FOCUS page of our website.

The Reuter Foundation is a nonprofit charitable corporation qualified under IRS guidelines for 501(c)3 organizations.

Bob Reuter 

President Emeritus

Cleveland, OH



Heidi Reuter Paul

Board President

Cleveland, OH

Gretchen Reuter Bowen

Board Vice President

Plano, TX

Mackenzie Paul

Board Treasurer

Cleveland, OH

Holly Jokkel

Board Secretary

Cleveland, OH

Thomas Gaghan


Sheridan Paul

Sandy Fedor-Reuter

Liz Painter